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Dialogic construction of fertility issues in ART encounters

core research   -   dialogues in clinical settings   -   ongoing collaborations

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) consists in a series of procedures which can help couples conceive in spite of fertility issues. However, ART procedures are not always successful and encounters in this context can be very stressful and difficult for all participants.

From a dialogical point of view, these encounters present various interesting features, which we aim to analyze thanks to the collaboration with the group of Clinical Psychology at the San Paolo Hospital in Milano, led by Elena Vegni, who allowed us access to a corpus of transcripts of ART encounters.


This collaboration has produced the following publications and conference papers:

- Sarah Bigi, Amanda Tedone, and Elena Vegni (accepted). Interactional functions of laughter in assisted reproductive medicine consultations, "Communication & Medicine”.

- Sarah Bigi, Maria Grazia Rossi, and Elena Vegni, “Complex decisions in challenging contexts: an analysis of shared decision making between clinicians and couples in assisted reproductive technology encounters”, paper presented at the BAAL- Health & Communication SIG Annual Workshop, University of Brescia, 13 September 2019


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